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PUPPIES AVAILABLE! Are you interested in owning the LARGEST DOG BREED in the world? English Mastiffs are great guard dogs and companions! Bane, pictured w/my nearly 300 lb husband, is the daddy to 12 multi-grand-champion lined, giant puppies - ready to go August 5th!


Pups receive EARLY NEUROLOGICAL STIMULATION (for a calm temperament), starting on day 3, something other breeders do not offer. Provides lifelong benefits.


This is a litter of 12! We have 3 brindle boys, 5 brindle girls, and 4 fawn girls.


Their updated, individual photos and videos get posted here and on our Youtube channel: Alissa Black / Muddy Mastiffs.

At maturity, one of these guys could weigh up to 240lbs and be up to 36 inches at the withers. (Some will be a bit smaller) Within just a 5-generation pedigree, these pups are related to TWELVE separate CHAMPIONS (A champion title requires 15 points with 2 major wins.), plus a separate canine good citizen! (This requires passing a series of good behavior tests.) Their great grandmother is a GRAND CHAMPION. (This requires 25 grand champion points.) On the other side of the family, their great grandfather is a GRAND CHAMPION SILVER! (This requires 200 grand championship points.)



We do offer a 2 year health guarantee.



Westfield, Indiana

(We do offer delivery service if needed. We can either hire a ground shipper or deliver personally.)



Step 1: Schedule a phone or video chat with Jason. This enables you to meet a puppy in real time. And it gives us a chance to ensure you know what to expect with a Mastiff and that you are able to provide a great forever home.

Step 2: After you are approved, you can reserve a puppy!

Step 3: Pick up your puppy, or have us deliver it to your home!



Text Alissa at 570-765-1878

Text Jason at 317-420-5194

4) Green Collar - Brindle Boy

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