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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Disclaimer: We do receive a small amount of revenue when someone clicks on an ad. Thanks for helping fund our dogs' extravagant lifestyle. LOL. jk.

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Zuri and Zelli (our YouTube stars) are now old enough to get married. We hope to find them a husband after the winter, as we are still in mid transition and waiting to buy our own home with proper doggie nursery facilities. Hopefully they will have their first two litters each next year in 2024.

Their momma gave birth in June and December, so I'm thinking they will do the same. But they have such "quiet" heats I don't have their cycle schedule locked in my calendar yet. The stud will let us know what's up. They can tell when a dog is in heat.

Zuri and Zelli are full littermate sisters from a breeding between Bane and Nena. They have multiple champions and grand champions in their pedigrees, including a grand champion silver! I hope to put together a family tree with pictures in the coming months.

So far at Muddy Mastiffs, Nena's first litter had one surviving puppy, and Harley's first litter had one surviving puppy. I would plan that Zuri and Zelli will also have small first litters, but I will be pleasantly surprised if they have big first litters!

Muddy Mastiffs DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY MONEY until pups are born. This is important to note, as scammers have used our images on more than one occasion. (I guess imitation is the best form of flattery? lol. Looking on the bright side.) Also note that we do not accept deposits until after one of us has had a chance to chat with the prospective family on the phone. We do offer either live video chat of the puppies or else tailor made short videos.

Currently we do not have any puppies available.

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