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More video on YouTube channel, Alissa Black / Muddy Mastiffs.


With a minimum of 21 titles in 5 generations, including at least 6 grand champions, Chance is a definite show or stud prospect. He is hands down the best puppy we have ever produced. Both parents are huge, blocky Old English types. But it gets even better...


I bottle fed and hand reared Chance from about a week old. Prior to that, we took round the clock shifts helping his momma nurse. I cut his cord when he was born and he's been handled by humans a TON his whole life. He would make the ideal mastiff family pet. But wait, it gets better...


Chance literally started potty training himself at 4 weeks. He would whine persistently when he needed to go out. All I had to do was respond. Very quickly he moved from going out for #2 to going out for both #1 and #2 to even adding a sit down at the end to clean his own rear. Full disclosure, I haven't been able to give him the run of the whole house because I am staying with family, so you will want to increase his space little by little. It still gets better.


Chance just got a clean bill of health from the vet. He's also been wormed and received his first shot. Like his mom, Chance would be a great candidate to learn to "talk" with those floor buttons you see animals using in the YouTube videos. He is very smart. I've done very little training with him, and he catches on so fast. He'll tell you what he needs. You just have to be tuned in enough to figure it out. Just like a human baby.


I may have spoiled him and doted on him a little (translation: a LOT). I was already bottle feeding him when I found out I was pregnant. He got me through a big transition and a cross country move and then a miscarriage. He was my bright spot. So I really enjoyed him, kinda like grandparents do with their grandkids.


My husband is usually the primary caregiver of the adults in our kennel, but he is in the hospital for an extended stay. And we've just had to move cross country twice unexpectedly. We are doing what's best for our Mastiffs and giving up our kennel until we can secure the proper facilities and manpower. So in addition to Chance, we have his mom, dad, and 3 other adults available.

If interested, group text Jason and Alissa at 336-880-7841 and 570-765-1878. Usually he is the one to handle customers, but if he is tied up at the hospital I can step in.


Looking for the very best home for Chance where he will be loved and spoiled for the rest of his life!

Chance - Bottle Fed Show Prospect

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