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Our Stud

Gentle giant, Bane, the pups’ father, is almost 200 lbs. and is still growing! He will likely top out at around 240 lbs., just like his father. Bane has a wonderful, friendly and curious temperament! He loves to meet new people and other dogs. Bane has attended puppy training school and spent a good deal of time living with small children. He is a true sweetheart! Sometimes I see him literally smile when I walk up to him. He loves to go for walks around the neighborhood. He happily grabs his leash and wags his tail to ask me to take him out. His size and stature mean that I'm completely protected. But it's becoming normal to see strangers sneaking a picture or video of the "small horse" on the sidewalk. Lol. He's a conversation starter. That's for sure. We love him to pieces, and he loves being loved. Bane is descended from both an INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION, imported from Russia (Mastif Hill Main Winner of Salem Moon) and a GRAND CHAMPION! His 4-generation pedigree includes MULTIPLE CHAMPIONS. Bane's father, Bobo, was 240 lbs and 36 inches at the withers. (That's 3 feet!) Bo had all A's on his genetic testing, PRA-D, CMR1 and DM. He had a lazy, laid back temperament. Bane's mother, Honey was 190 lbs, and her owner said she was the best behaved and most trained dog she had. Her genetic testing for PRA-D, CMR1 and DM was completed with excellent results. Bane's puppies should be lovable and large. Bane's pedigree includes all three colors. Both of his parents were brindle, and, while Bane's coat is fawn, it does have a reddish tint.

Muddy Mastiffs is an ethical AKC English Mastiff breeder. All our pups come from champion show lines. They receive Early Neurological stimulation as well as extensive training. We even offer door to door hand delivery!

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