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Hi, we are the Black family, and we love our pack of grand champion lined English Mastiffs!

Alissa is an experienced, ethical dog breeder who took about a 10 year hiatus to finish college and start teaching. In 2019 she finally had a place to host doggies again, and she brought home 3 adult English Mastiffs with impressive bloodlines who had outgrown their original homes. Two still needed training, and the journey began.

Jason is a combat veteran who moved to the area in 2020. He fell in love with the pack, as they are fantastic service animals and help him with his PTSD. And he took over most of their training and care.

Jason and Alissa added one more member to the pack together in 2020, another girl with impressive bloodlines. In January 2021, Jason and Alissa got married. In 2022 they moved their pack across country from Westfield, Indiana to Trinity, North Carolina.

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